Mobile check deposit

Mobile check deposit

Grandparents send checks, work might print your paycheck, or maybe you were mailed a stimulus payment…love them or hate them – paper checks are still a part of daily banking. We have good news to share! We’re putting the final touches on the ability to deposit checks with your mobile phone and are looking for One users who have paper checks to deposit. 

Sign up for early access and be part of the group to start depositing paper checks to your One account using your mobile phone. Wondering what to expect? We’re covering mobile check deposit FAQs below. 

What is mobile check deposit? 

Mobile check deposit allows One customers to deposit paper checks to their account by taking a photo and uploading it with their mobile phone using the One app (iOS or Android)


Where can I find this feature? 

It’s located in the One app. Tap Move Money located in the center of the lower black bar.


How do I deposit a check?

Log in to your account in the One app then:

  1. Tap on Move Money.
  2. Tap on Deposit Checks.
  3. Tap on the $0.00 to enter the check amount.
  4. Tap on Deposit To to select which Pocket you’d like your funds deposited.
  5. Take a photo of the front and signed back.
  6. Tap “Submit”
  7. There might be a pop-up message with potential issues with your check and you’ll need to fix then resubmit.
  8. You’ll receive an email after your check is submitted

Please note, your pending check will not display in your account until it has been accepted. 


How long will it take to process and when will I see my funds? 

Paper checks submitted on a business day prior to 5pm EST (2pm PST) will begin processing on the same day. Checks submitted after 5pm (2pm PST) and/or on a non-business day will begin processing the following business day. Checks are reviewed each weekday and once approved, funds are generally made available on the 5th business day after approval.


How much can I deposit?

You’ll be able to remotely deposit:

Daily: $2,000

Weekly: $5,000

Monthly: $10,000


Can I deposit a cashier’s checks?

Yes, cashiers checks can be processed so long as they are not made out to “Cash” and are made out to the account holder.


Can I deposit travelers checks, savings bonds, counter checks, or money order?

No, travelers checks, savings bonds, counter checks, and money orders are not accepted at this time.


Can I deposit a check to my One account made out to someone else?

Only checks made out to a One customer can be processed.


Can I deposit a check made out to “cash”?

Only checks made out to a One customer can be processed. 


Can I deposit a check from outside of the United States?

Checks from financial institutions located outside of the United States can’t be processed.


How old can the check date be?

Checks must be dated 6 months or earlier from the deposit date to be accepted. Any check 6 months or older is considered “stale dated.”


Can I post or future date the check?

Checks that are post-dated, or payable on a date in the future can’t be deposited. 



6 Tips To Help Avoid Check Processing Errors


Tip 1: Make sure all four corners of the check are visible in the camera frame.

Tip 2: Deposit your check before the “stale date.”

Tip 3: Ask the check writer to include your full name as the recipient on the “pay to the order” line.

Tip 4: Double check the numerical and written dollar amount match.

Tip 5: Check off or write “For Mobile Deposit Only, One Finance” on the back below your signature.

Tip 6: Take photos of your check on a dark surface in a well-lit place.



Mobile check deposits are subject to verification and may not be available for immediate withdrawal or use. Other restrictions apply, please see the Spend and Save Agreement. Message and data rates may apply.

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