A tool to help you automatically save

We’re here to help strengthen your finances. Your savings journey doesn’t have to be the painful, tedious, or the time-intensive task our brain might make it out to be. We promise it’s not that scary, especially when you can now make it automatic. Whether you are rebuilding a financial cushion or are an established super saver, One has created an effortless way to put your savings on auto-pilot with our newest feature: card Auto-Save. Follow along to learn how One’s newest savings feature compares to other digital banks along with ways to save more for your future while still living life.

Spend while saving, too

If there’s a way to work smarter, not harder, we’re all for it! It was our team mantra while developing card Auto-Save. Our goal is to help you build healthy financial habits that will literally pay off in the future. Automating your saving cuts out daily reminders, annoying math, and tedious account transfers. Toggle your card Auto-Save to “on,” and you’re done! We’ll take care of calculating round ups, depositing the difference and the interest earned. It’s truly automatic saving! What’s even better is you’ll be able to check off your shopping list while earning 3.00% APY* on your One card round ups. Instead of a traditional piggy bank or jar by the door, our newest feature is your virtual change collector. You’ll be able to watch your savings automatically grow with every card purchase.

Let’s take a quick tour of how card Auto-Save works:


Who offers the best rates? Hint. It’s One!

Our latest feature card Auto-Save is all about helping you reach your financial goals. When you activate card round ups, you’re automatically setting aside money (while you spend) for the future. Emergency fund, down payment, or other long term savings goals…card Auto-Save is a great financial tool to help get you there. What’s even better is card Auto-Save at One will get you there faster. Compared to other leading digital banks (and traditional banks), One is not only the industry leader with automatic saving rates; it is one of the few that offers this unique feature. We won’t name names but do encourage you to do your own research into who offers what or doesn’t offer anything.


One’s card Auto-Save vs. other digital and traditional banks**

Build your emergency fund

This year has left most Americans feeling anxious about their money. Middle-income households are feeling the financial squeeze and have to do the same (or more) with less. If you haven’t worked out your budget yet, a quick glimpse of your spending habits will give you a general idea of where your money is going. When you take advantage of the card Auto-Save feature, you’re automatically building an emergency fund. It’s something we all know we need but maybe haven’t gotten around to starting it. With the roller coaster that is 2020, there’s a greater need to build a financial buffer into our life. This safety net supports us not only for the unexpected expenses but also for your planned expenses that will still need to be covered through an employment gap or health issue. Besides automating your savings for the future, there’s ways to save more. Assessing your spending habits quarterly (or more often if you can) can go a long way. You might notice some services you don’t use as much anymore or ways to trim down your spending. Little changes can build significant results.      

Your financial wellness is our focus. Sign up to learn more ways One can help you automatically build your savings while living life.


*Annual Percentage Yield effective 9/1/2020, subject to change.
**Comparison rates pulled October 23, 2020. One is not affiliated with any of the above companies in any way.
This card is issued by Coastal Community Bank, Member FDIC, pursuant to license by Mastercard International.

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