Meet One—the better way to bank

Meet One’s Ever-growing Engineering Team
One is an innovative digital banking service that helps people maximize their paycheck. Within a single account, we’re integrating the ability to spend, save and access fair credit, as well as features to seamlessly share money with people in your life.

One account, one card, one app. Designed to help you manage your money like you do your life.
Our mission is to serve hard-working families and their loved ones by building a better way to bank. We help our customers use their paycheck to do more, to live and celebrate a better life, with less financial anxiety.

Leadership team

Brian Hamilton
Co-Founder and CEO
Bill Harris
Co-Founder and Chairman
Sarah Elliott
General Counsel / Chief Compliance Officer
Mike Barreiro
Chief Technology Officer
Brent Baker
Chief Operations Officer
Kelli Scott
VP of People
Meg Sloan
Chief Marketing Officer
Dan Loomis
VP of Product
Nichole Wischoff
VP of Partnerships
Caroline McCarthy
Head of Growth Marketing
Jack O’Connor
Head of Credit & Bank Partnerships
Benjamin Chait
Head of Product Operations

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