August 2021

We all know there are many lessons to learn at college, but money won’t have to be one of them. So if you’re sending someone off to college this fall, help make their transition more manageable with a new One account. Easily send money, budget for the semester together, build their credit history and grow their after-school paycheck with industry-leading savings. Organize your family’s finances in one place while helping them build financial confidence and responsibility.


Auto-Move money every payday

Schedule a transfer linked to your paycheck instead of a fixed date. Automatically transfer custom amounts to certain Pockets every pay period.

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I never used to take budgeting seriously

Find out how setting up a weekly budget changed Andrew’s financial life.

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Get rewarded for everyday spending!

We’re putting the final touches on our Fetch Rewards partnership. You’ll automatically earn points when spending with your One card. Build up points then exchange for exciting rewards with your favorite brands!

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Shaping a money movement

Watch the replay of Brian and Shamir live on Twitter discussing customers’ needs and how fintech is helping to make a difference.

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Give $50, Get $50

Earn up to $500 by inviting friends and family to join One! Use your referral link to start earning today.

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An easy way to securely spend

Virtual cards add an extra security layer when paying recurring bills or making an online payment.

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Is One on your college student’s checklist?

Set them up for success with an all-in-one account.

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Organize your money, simplify your life.
Make real progress.

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