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Guest Contributor:
Molly H.

When you’re planning a trip with your best friends, the last topic everyone wants to talk about is how you’re all going to split the expenses while enjoying the journey. The energy that goes into figuring out what fraction of the dinner, hotel room, gas, etc., you each owe is the last thing you want to be thinking about when you’re all trying to relax and have fun. 

When my best friends and I started planning our summer road trip, we knew we didn’t want to use Venmo to split the expenses. We’d done that before when we went to the Women’s World Cup in 2019. That was three years ago, so we hoped there was a better option out there by now. While the notes we left for each Venmo transaction were comical and had lots of insider jokes, we all hated the experience of constantly remembering to request money. It felt like we were sending the same $20 back and forth to each other. So we each started looking for alternatives and came across One. In as little as 5 minutes, everyone opened a One account then quickly accepted our invites to the new Pocket: “Bestie’s Road Trip 2021.” 

One’s Pockets helped me and my best friends enjoy every moment of our once-in-a-lifetime trip from Massachusetts to Oregon! Without ever stressing about money! Instead, we enjoyed sailing off of Cape Cod, exploring the Bourbon Trail in Kentucky, eating beignets in New Orleans, hiking in Bryce Canyon, and so much more.


How we used the shared Pocket

  1. Before we set out on our two-week adventure, we each deposited the same amount of money into our “Bestie’s Road Trip 2021” Pocket.
  2. Whenever someone paid for a shared expense, like gas, hotels, dinner, etc., they just assigned their One card to “Bestie’s Roadtrip 2021” Pocket then paid with the funds inside. No conversations needed.
  3. When our shared Pocket funds got low, we all transferred the same amount of money into the shared Pocket. Viola! No math needed….ever!



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