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I never used to take budgeting seriously

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Guest Contributor:
Andrew W.

I never used to take budgeting seriously. For most of my young adult life, I was spending money when I had it, paying bills when they were due, and sometimes I wouldn’t have enough money and would have to dip into my savings with the hope of paying myself back next time. That’s just how it was. I was familiar with the concept of envelope budgeting, but it never felt like a realistic option for me as somebody who hates cash. Shortly before getting married, my wife and I switched to Simple, and I finally learned how important and life-changing having a weekly budget could be. Like many other ex-Simple users, when BBVA announced the Simple closure, I immediately started looking for anything that could compare. And until I discovered One deep in a Reddit thread, I hadn’t found anything that I felt confident switching everything over to.

Fast forward seven months later, and now my wife and I are obsessed. Not only has One delivered on everything that they said they would, but they also have some of the friendliest and most helpful customer experience team members either of us have ever dealt with. I initially took a leap of faith by switching to One after seeing how responsive they were to potential customers on social media and how transparent they were about their plans and timelines. I even had a brief conversation with CEO Brian Hamilton on Twitter. While there is certainly more room to improve the app, seeing how far it has come in just a few months has been extremely encouraging. In fact, since I started writing this, One debuted their Pocket Protector and Credit Manager features that we now use. In addition, we love having individual account numbers for all of our Pockets. So if our cell phone carrier (for example) ever gets hacked, we can permanently delete that Pocket, along with its account numbers, and create a new one instantly. Additionally, the interest rate on both the Save and Auto-Save Pockets are second to none. But I digress. Let’s get into our One budget!


Our One Budget

My Pockets:

  • Car Payment
  • Student Loans
  • Car Insurance*
  • Mortgage*
  • Electric Bill*
  • Cell Phone*
  • Trash Pickup*
  • Internet*
  • Music Streaming*
  • Oil*
  • Water/Sewer*
  • Pet Insurance*
  • Pet Medications*

*Shared Pocket with wife

Most of our Pockets are shared for our bills, but we each have a couple of individual Pockets for things like student loans and car payments.

Pro Tip We have an additional Pocket not listed above that we dubbed “SWAP STATION.” We use it to instantly transfer money to each other when splitting small expenses like groceries or dinner bills.



  • With One’s Early Paycheck, my paycheck lands on Tuesday night. My wife’s lands on Thursday night.
  • 10% of our paychecks are deposited into our Auto-Save Pockets.
  • 90% of our paychecks are deposited into our individual Spend Pockets.
  • All of our Scheduled Transfers are scheduled for the morning after our paychecks land.
  • Most of our Pockets have Scheduled Transfers, with our bills auto-withdrawing monthly, quarterly, and annually except for “Oil Pocket” which we over-contribute to and reevaluate our contribution amount and time frame with each delivery.
  • Right before our next paycheck lands, we manually transfer what’s left in our Spend Pockets into our Save Pockets.


Scheduled Transfers

Every Wednesday, I…

  • Send [$xxx.xx] to “🚘 Car Payment” Pocket
  • Send [$xxx.xx] to “📚 Student Loans” Pocket
  • Send [$xx.xx] to “🚘 Car Insurance” Pocket
  • Send [$xxx.xx] to “🏡 Mortgage” Pocket
  • Send [$xx.xx] to “🔌 Electric Bill” Pocket
  • Send [$xx.xx] to “📱Cell Phone” Pocket
  • Send [$x.xx] to “🚛 Trash Pickup” Pocket
  • Send [$xx.xx] to “📡 Internet” Pocket
  • Send [$x.xx] to “🎵 Music Streaming” Pocket
  • Send [$xx.xx] to “🛢Oil” Pocket
  • Send [$xx.xx] to “🚰 Water/Sewer” Pocket
  • Send [$xx.xx] to “💗 Pet Insurance” Pocket
  • Send [$xx.xx] to “💊 Pet Medications” Pocket


Every Friday, my wife…

  • Sends [$xxx.xx] to “🚙 New Car” Pocket
  • Sends [$xx.xx] to “🚘 Car Insurance” Pocket
  • Sends [$xxx.xx] to “🏡 Mortgage” Pocket
  • Sends [$xx.xx] to “🔌 Electric Bill” Pocket
  • Sends [$xx.xx] to “📱Cell Phone” Pocket
  • Sends [$x.xx] to “🚛 Trash Pickup” Pocket
  • Sends [$xx.xx] to “📡 Internet” Pocket
  • Sends [$x.xx] to “🎵 Music Streaming” Pocket
  • Sends [$xx.xx] to “🛢Oil” Pocket
  • Sends [$xx.xx] to “🚰 Water/Sewer” Pocket
  • Sends [$xx.xx] to “💗 Pet Insurance” Pocket
  • Sends [$xx.xx] to “💊 Pet Medications” Pocket


This process ensures that we’re putting aside enough every week to cover all of our consistent bills, while still consciously saving as much as we can. My wife uses a Pocket to manually fund her credit card purchases, and I might eventually do the same, (as I currently just cover my credit card directly from my Spend pocket). Overall, we both love our One accounts and can’t wait to see what new features they continue to roll out!



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