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It can be hard to keep track of scattered finances when you’re also juggling everything before, during, and after school. If everything is spread across a handful of apps and physical spaces, it’s easy to lose sight of your full financial picture. Thankfully, One is here to organize your money so you can focus on college. We’re free online banking with one app, one account, and one card with automated tools folded in.



No matter where your college or university is, you’ll be able to easily withdraw cash at one of Allpoint’s 55,000 fee-free ATMs. Quickly view your One card transactions in the One app and stay up-to-date with real-time push notifications that alert you of any account activity.  


Build Credit History And Monitor For Free

Prepare for life after college with one easy step! Automatically build positive credit history with One’s Credit Builder with your daily spending. We’ve designed an easy way to build or rebuild your credit score. Credit Builder makes automatic full on-time payments every month to help build up your history. There are no fees, credit checks, new account, or new card needed to start using Credit Builder.Automatically keep tabs on your credit score with Credit Manager. Every One customer gets ongoing access to a free credit score along with personalized credit insights in the One app. 


Access Fee-Free Overdraft Protection

Minimize the “will it go through” stress at the checkout line by activating a fee-free Overdraft protection to automatically cover any transactions instead of having them declined. Overdraft connects to your Spend Pocket to cover purchases that take your balance below $0. There’s no interest when repaid within the month you borrow. If you need to carry a balance you’ll pay 1% a month, 12% APR.⁑ Don’t let a few quick errands rack up fees! You could unknowingly be dipping below zero if your current bank doesn’t support real-time notifications or fee-free overdraft protection. 

One was named NerdWallet’s Best Checking Account with Overdraft Fee Avoidance in 2021.  

Card Purchases

$12.50 laundry 

$4.75 coffee 

$15.00 school supplies


$32.25 total purchases

Traditional Bank Results

$35 overdraft fee

$35 overdraft fee

$35 overdraft fee


$105 total daily fees*


Over $100+ of overdraft fees were charged in a single day.

*Rates and daily limits vary from bank to bank, so please read carefully when opting into any Overdraft Protection Program.



Get your back-to-school budget in order with Pockets! It’s easy to create free Pockets in your One account to organize your money for the semester. After you’ve created separate Pockets for rent, textbooks, and maybe a Pocket to save up for a spring break trip, easily assign your One debit Mastercard to spend from any Pocket. Keep track of individual balances to help you stay within budgets.



Ditch ongoing payment requests with Shared Pockets. You’ll be able to easily split ongoing expenses with roommates or friends! Share a Pocket with a parent or guardian so they can quickly send you money throughout the school year. You can share select Pockets with select people. Every Pocket has an individual account number so you can share a Pocket with another person or group of people while keeping other Pockets private and secure.



When a birthday check comes in the mail or you get a raise because you’re crushing it at your after-school job, tuck your extra income in your Save Pocket to earn an industry-leading 1.00% APY* on up to $5,000. That’s over 16x higher than the average .06% APY at traditional banks and without any of the typical investments in dirty energy. At One, your deposits are more than just fossil fuel free.  



There are two ways to automatically save! Add your after-school direct deposit to your One account to help automate your savings goals. Whether you’re saving up for a winter break trip, next semester’s school books, or building an emergency fund, One can help you save up to 10% of your paycheck direct deposit (up to $1,000 a month) while earning 3.00% APY*. 

Save a little every time you spend with your One card. Every purchase is rounded up to the next dollar then automatically transferred from your Spend Pocket into your Auto-Save Pocket. You’ll earn unlimited 3.00 APY* on your One card round ups.



Qualifying direct deposit customers can help keep more cash available in their Pockets when they activate Credit Line. You’ll be able to finance a large purchase over time or cover bills between paychecks at 1% per month (12% APR).


Get Paid Early**

Automatically get paid up to two days earlier when you add your paycheck direct deposit to your One account. You’ll be able to pay bills on time and keep life going by accessing your paycheck sooner than at a traditional bank. 


Earn Rewards

Get rewarded for your everyday spending while buying what you need for the school year! Sign up for Fetch then automatically earn points when you spend with your One card. Build up your points then exchange for exciting gift cards with your favorite brands. 



4 Tools to Automate Your Back-To-School Budget

1. Scheduled Transfers

Create a schedule of automatic transfers to automatically move a set amount of money between two Pockets or between a Pocket and a linked bank account. Scheduled Transfers can be set to recur daily, weekly, every other week, monthly, last day of the month, or triggered by a qualifying paycheck direct deposit.


2. Pocket Protector

Fund any created Pocket automatically with money from your Spend Pocket when the Pocket balance doesn’t cover a transaction.


3. Virtual Cards

Automatically add an extra layer of security to your One account. Create a unique virtual card to spend safer online. Virtual cards provide a secure buffer between your Pockets and any merchant data breach.


4. iOS Shortcuts

Easily create Shortcuts on your iPhone or iPad to automate some of your daily One tasks! Easily trigger customized commands with a single tap or “Hey Siri…



One vs. Traditional Banks’ Student Accounts

Traditional student banking options for college-bound young adults operate on outdated models with fees, limited ATM networks, and limited to zero budgeting tools. Setting up a One account for yourself or your college-bound kid(s) can help you send (or receive) money easily, create a visual budget that actually works, and automatically build a positive credit history.



All-In-One Banking For College Students

One accounts can help college students:

  • Manage money with no fees or minimums before, during, and after graduation.
  • Have more control of their financial life.
  • Automatically build credit history.
  • Organize and track their budgets.
  • Develop long-term savings goals that earn industry-leading interest.
  • Boost overall financial literacy.


Organize your money, simplify your life. Make real progress.

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