Build credit history the (extra) easy way

Credit Builder can help eligible One customers automatically increase their credit score—for free.

Boost your credit history with guardrails.

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“It's like a secured credit card, but with an adjustable limit. Avoid overspending and late fees.”

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Credit building integrated into One account

Adding Credit Builder won’t ding your credit score. There is no new card or separate account to manage.

“I was laid ended up having a negative effect on my credit.
 It helped me along the path of improving my credit.” - Ariel O.


Boost your credit history—for free!

No direct deposit is required. There are no hidden fees buried in fine print. Fund Credit Builder then spend with your One card to start building your credit history.

“My bills are being paid on time. It makes my credit look great.” - Mag H.

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No manual payments required

One automatically submits your full on-time payment every month to major credit bureaus.

How Credit Builder works

  • 1
    Add Credit Builder to your One account.
  • 2
    Fund your Credit Builder Pocket.
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    Assign your One card to Credit builder and you're on your way. And don't worry payments will be made automatically on time.
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    Set up Scheduled Transfers to automatically top up your Credit Builder Pocket.
Q: How do I get access to Credit Builder?

A: Credit Builder eligibility is based on credit history and is automatically available to most One customers who are (re)building their credit.

Q: Will applying for Credit Builder ding my credit score?

A: No! Applying for a One account or adding Credit Builder to your One account does not negatively impact your credit score.

Q: Do I need a new One card to spend from Credit Builder?

A: No! You can spend from the Credit Builder Pocket with the same One card. Assign your One card to the Credit Builder Pocket then spend as needed. You can reassign your One card to spend from another Pocket at any time.

Q: Will Credit Builder help improve my credit score?

A: Yes! Consistently spending from the Credit Builder Pocket can help build your credit history. One’s Credit Builder is like a credit builder card without any fees.

Q: Can I delete the Credit Builder Pocket?

A: Yes! Keeping the Credit Builder Pocket on your One dashboard while not actively spending from it does not negatively impact your credit score.

Q: How much money do I need to add to Credit Builder?

A: You’ll need to fund your Credit Builder Pocket with a minimum of $20. Easily fund by transferring from another Pocket into the Credit Builder Pocket.

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