Your paycheck can do more than show up.

Unlock more benefits with direct deposit.


Get Paid up to
Two Days Early**


3.00% APY*

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12% APR⁑
Credit Line

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How To Add
Direct Deposit

“One has powerful tools to help me get my budget in line.” - Nasir K.

Getting paid 2 days early at job

Get paid up to two days earlier**

Keep life going by accessing your paycheck sooner than at a traditional bank.

“I love getting my direct deposit every Wednesday!!!!” - Juan C.

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Automate your savings goals

Auto-Save up to 10% of your paycheck (up to $1,000/month) while earning 3.00% APY.*

“One helps me stay organized and automated with my finances.”
- Emily Q.

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Save more at 16x the average rate

Earn 1.00% APY* on up to $25,000 in your Save Pocket versus .06% APY traditional banks’ average rate.

“It’s easy to use. Helpful when you’re just a little short on funds.”
- Jeffrey M.


Keep cash available in your Pockets

Direct deposit customers can finance a purchase over time or cover bills between paychecks at 1% per month (12 % APR).⁑

What direct deposits qualify?

  • Regular paychecks*
  • Social security income
  • Government salary
  • Annuities
  • Retirement payments
  • Unemployment payments
*Qualifying direct deposit must come from an approved source.

How to add your paycheck to direct deposit

  • 1
    Log into your payroll system.
  • 2
    Fill in your personal information.
  • 3
    Choose the amount of the deposit.
  • 4
    Choose the Pocket you would like to fund.
  • 5
    Fill in the bank name as One Finance, Inc.
  • 6
    Fill in your employer information.
Q: What qualifies as a direct deposit?

A: We consider many forms of income as a direct deposit, not just paychecks from your employers. Paychecks can be from a private company or other employer type, social security income, annuities, retirement payments, government salary or other government payments such as unemployment payments.

Q: Are exceptions made for what qualifies as a direct deposit?

A: We will review cases individually and decisions will be made at One’s discretion based on the information provided. If you believe a recent deposit into your account should be considered a direct deposit please reach out to us with the following information:

Date of Deposit
Deposit Amount
Depositor Name
Reason for consideration

Q: Do you accept ACH transfers as direct deposits?

A: At the moment, we do not support ACH transfers for self-employed individuals. We’re always working to add new features. Stay tuned for updates.

Q: How does Early Paycheck work?

A: A qualifying paycheck direct deposit may post up to 2 days earlier than the scheduled payment date. It depends on factors like timing of the payer’s deposit transmission, and the type of payer transmitting the deposit.

Q: How does One offer 3.00% APY*?

A: As a digital banking service, we don’t have brick-and-mortar overhead like traditional banks. Instead of keeping the cost savings, we put it back into our product so customers can build savings with industry-leading interest rates.


No Fees,
No Minimums

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Get Paid Early**




Increased Saving


Auto-Save at
3.00% APY*


12% APR⁑
Credit Line

How One Compares to Other Banking Services

7 Reasons To Set Up Direct Deposit

Early's a big plus!

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