Introducing: My Name

What’s in a name? Everything. For transgender and non-binary people, going by a name that aligns with their gender identity is validating, liberating, and sometimes a matter of safety and access. Not all trans and non-binary people choose to change their names from their birth name, but those who do often refer to it as their chosen name.

Accessibility and safety are critical for the LGBTQIA+ community. According to a report from the National Transgender Center for Equality, about one-third of individuals who have shown identification with a name or gender that did not match their presentation reported negative experiences such as harassment, denied services, and/or attacked. This figure rises when considering perceived mismatch in gender presentation.

Survey respondents also cited the financial burden of legally changing their name. Depending on location, doing so can cost between hundreds and even thousands of dollars.

To help remove barriers for our transgender and non-binary customers, we’re proud to announce One’s My Name program. My Name goes beyond updating your One card. Customers will have their chosen first name reflected on their One account and communications as well.


One sees you as you wish to be seen

  • We want every transaction to be a positive experience.
  • We support building your authentic life.
  • We want to honor your chosen name. 
  • We want to help strengthen the bond you have with your chosen name.


One also does not use or collect your gender marker. Since gender should not be assumed, our team also uses gender neutral pronouns internally when discussing customer matters. 

All of this is directly aligned with our vision for financial wellness and inclusion for One customers and as an employer. 

One customers who identify by a first name other than the one on their account can click here to request an update to their profile. Please allow one business day for processing. After the update has been made, the customer will be addressed by that name going forward. A new One card will arrive in 7 to 10 business days but may take up to 14. If a merchant objects that their One card name doesn’t match their government issued identification, the merchant is invited to reach out to verify the One card is valid.


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