July 2021

Summer is in full swing! One has the tools to help organize and automate your spending, saving, and sharing. Activate our newest feature Pocket Protector to take the stress out of recurring bill payments from any created Pockets. Spend more time enjoying the beach, BBQs, and baseball instead of crunching numbers or fixing declined transactions.


$10,000 Summer Swipe Giveaway

Every week until 8/6, we’ll randomly select 4 winners to receive $500 each. Follow us on Instagram for the latest info and winner announcements! Please visit here for full sweepstakes details.⁠

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Pocket Protector

When there isn’t enough money in a Pocket you created to cover a transaction, money will be drawn from your Spend Pocket.

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4.5 star review

Report cards are out and One received an impressive score from NerdWallet! P.S. It’s okay to brag a little to friends and family.

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Credit Manager

Keep tabs on your credit score in your One dashboard. Activate Credit Manager for on-going access along with personalized credit insights!

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One iOS Shortcuts

Create Shortcuts on your iPhone or iPad to automate some of your daily One tasks! Easily trigger customized commands with a single tap or “Hey Siri…”

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I Was a Chronic Overspender

Find out how Heather set up her Pockets to separate wants from needs.⁠⁠

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Our People Are Our Greatest Assets!

We’re hiring for several full-time roles and offering internships. Come join the One team!⁠

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Give $50, Get $50

Earn up to $500 by inviting friends and family to join One! Use your referral link to start earning today.

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