June 2021

The financial system is the underpinning for our way of life. But, unfortunately, the industry suffers from a severe lack of trust, for good reason. We must first restore the trust of our customers by putting their goals and needs first. We’re committed to doing this through robust transparency, low-to-no-fee products, access to fairly priced credit, and non-predatory lending practices that seek to support rather than extract.

Together with Fintech Equality Coalition, we promise to recognize the systemic failings of the current system and broaden equitable access to financial services for all people. We hope you will join us in furthering our work and the work that still needs to be done to create a more fair and just experience for every person.


One joins the Fintech Equality Coalition

We are committed to fighting the racial wealth gap and creating a culture of inclusivity.

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Introducing: My Name

We’re proud to announce the My Name program enabling One customers to have their chosen first name reflected on their account, communications, and One card.

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One widgets

Add the dark mode compatible widget to your Android or iPhone home screen for a live status of your Pocket balance and which Pocket your One card is currently assigned to.

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“I learned about money the hard (expensive) way.”

Follow Richard’s journey from trashed credit in his twenties to the road to recovery to his super saver present.

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Adding your direct deposit is even easier!

Quickly and securely connect your payroll account to your One account.

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“The 3.00% APY* Auto-Save is amazing and a reasonable way for me to save money!”
– Davis J.

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Pocket sorting

Our latest update helps you to quickly sort created Pockets alphabetically.

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Message center

Summer cleaning in the One app! We’re removing transactional activity from the message center. Turn on push notifications for real-time updates or check in the Pocket for specific transactional details.

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Build credit with guardrails

“One’s no-fee Credit Builder makes it impossible to overspend or make late payments.”⁠

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Give $50, Get $50

Earn up to $500 by inviting friends and family to join One! Use your referral link to start earning today.

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