Meet One: full-suite banking in a simple app

PRESS RELEASE | March 17, 2020

We believe that hardworking people like you deserve a banking service designed for you and the relationships you value most — and today, we’re delighted to introduce One. With One, you can easily manage your financial life through a single account, with one card. Using pockets within your One account, you can save more, spend with confidence, and maximize your paycheck.

Why One?

For most people, money is a major source of anxiety. With at least 10 financial accounts across an average of five different financial institutions, it’s not surprising that the average American family struggles to understand and feel in control of finances. On top of it all, these accounts often come with high costs and fees for overdrafts, non-sufficient funds, cash advances, and account minimums. Not to mention, you end up paying high interest on credit balances, while receiving low to no interest on deposits. The list goes on and on.

There’s been a lot of innovation in the financial industry in recent years. But traditional banks still cater to more affluent customers while new digital banks target younger consumers with simpler financial needs. Most American families are somewhere in the middle and are being left behind — so we decided to take a new approach.

We asked you and your families about the most challenging aspects of your day-to-day financial lives: your challenges managing the unexpected, your desire for simplicity and clarity, and how you feel you’re getting nickel-and-dimed by banks and credit card companies at every turn.

We tapped into our collective expertise and leveraged the latest technology to build a powerful app that offers real credit for your hard-earned paycheck, pays you real interest on your savings, and simplifies the entire experience. Then, we eliminated fees — all of them!

We’ve spent the better part of the last year rebuilding the key elements of banking: saving, spending, borrowing, and sharing. And we’ve streamlined them into a single account: the One account. Here’s how it works:


Consistency and good financial habits should be rewarded, and we want to help you grow your money more quickly to stay ahead. You’ll get competitive interest rates on Save pocket balances. On top of that, an auto-savings function works like a 401k. It redirects a small amount from each direct-deposit paycheck into an Auto-Save pocket that provides an even higher return. You’ll earn 1.00% Annual Percentage Yield (APY) on any balances in Save pockets, and 3.00% APY on the balance in Auto-Save pockets.


A single card that works as both a debit card or a credit card. Dip into overspend without interest during a calendar month using our Bridge feature. No monthly, cash advance, overdraft, or NSF fees.


We’re the first digital banking service to offer integrated credit at an affordable rate. You’ll have a cushion to borrow from in moments of need, a place to put any Bridge balance you don’t repay within a given calendar month, and a meaningful line of credit available for purchases or emergencies you need to finance for longer periods of time.


Tap into pockets, a new way to share money. Traditional joint accounts are inconvenient for most modern uses, but pockets in your One account are easy to create and share with others. Manage shared money for household expenses and specific goals, provide money to elderly parents or children you care for, or simply split the rent and bills with your roommates. Share funds and track how they’re used, and chat in real-time with each other about specific transactions in your One app.

If you wish your hard-earned paycheck could work harder for you or wish your bank actually gave you something in return, it’s time to try One! Sign up here. There’s much more to come and we look forward to hearing your feedback.

The One Team

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