One iOS Shortcuts

Easily create Shortcuts on your iPhone or iPad to automate some of your daily One tasks!  Whether you are a power user or want a few simple actions, we’ve got something for everyone. Check out our five time-saving One iOS Shortcuts, along with a quick guide to help you get set up.


How to create One iOS Shortcuts

  1. Download “Shortcuts” from the App Store.
  2. Open the “Shortcuts” app then tap the “+” in the upper right corner.
  3. Tap “+ Add Action” then search “One”.
  4. Build a Shortcut from the available options.
  5. Pro Tip → Choose a Shortcut name that is easy to remember and has a clear action. Example: “Assign to Grocery Pocket.”
  6. Tap “Done” to save your new Shortcut.
  7. Edit or add the Shortcut to your home screen by tapping on the three horizontal dots.
  8. Trigger customized commands
 with a single tap or “Hey Siri…” from any Apple device. 

Pro Tip → Share a Shortcut with anyone by tapping the Shortcut tile, then tap the up arrow box icon in the lower bar.


5 Shortcuts Worth Building


“Hey Siri, it’s lunchtime.”

This Shortcut automatically checks the balance of your Lunch Pocket. If the balance is less than $20, an automatic transfer will send funds to your Lunch Pocket then assign your One card to it.



“Hey Siri, I’m grocery shopping.”

This Shortcut automatically adds funds to your Grocery Pocket then assigns your One card to it. Extra bonus: Add a final action to “Play Music” so you can cruise the aisles while listening to your favorite playlist.



“Hey Siri, I’m getting gas.”

This Shortcut automatically adds extra funds to your Gas Pocket then assigns your One card to it. Typically, gas stations reserve a larger amount, around $150, because they can’t predict the available funds in a debit account or Pocket. They will attempt to authorize more than the anticipated cost so it’s guaranteed there are enough funds to cover the end purchase amount. This extra “fill up” of your Gas Pocket helps avoid a declined transaction or going inside.



Card Assignment On Arrival

This Shortcut automatically assigns your One card to a specific Pocket so it’s ready when you arrive at a set location. It’s a great way to automate card assignments for places you frequently shop at. Example: Assign my One card to the “Coffee Pocket” when I arrive at “Calico Cat Cafe.”



Get Rewarded For Working Out

This Shortcut automatically rewards every completed workout. Connect to your Apple Watch to automatically transfer a set amount of money into your Save Pocket after completing a session. You’ll build up your savings while breaking a sweat. 


Did you create a stellar One Shortcut? Send it over to us at for a chance to be featured on our social channels! If you’re looking for additional Shortcut inspiration, check out the Gallery in the Shortcuts app to view personalized recommendations.



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