We are on a mission and everyONE is invited


As stretched middle-income households and working families deal with seemingly never-ending financial stress, caused by a persistent pandemic and worsening financial uncertainty, they remain largely unsupported by current offerings from banks and traditional financial institutions. Why?

There has been no shortage of financial technology (fintech) innovation in the last decade, and billions of dollars of commensurate venture capital invested in it. Yet it seems like the average American family has been one of the last to benefit meaningfully from it. Our unsecured debt is still held primarily on credit cards, at rates as high as 29%, and our savings tend to pay us fractions of a single percent when we are lucky enough to receive anything at all. The majority still pay fees for overdraft, late payments, and network access, and receive poor service when they call to ask for help. 

Sure, we can easily split a lunch bill using any number of apps, or invest in fractional shares of any company automatically now. We can buy crypto from our phone while ordering a coffee, or send money overseas with a click of a button (this one actually is a big deal if you’re an ex-pat) but the majority of us still essentially live paycheck to paycheck and are ill-equipped to handle financial shocks when they occur. Why hasn’t this wave of innovation made it to the kitchen table discussions where the daily, weekly, and monthly financial concerns that continually color our lives take place? 

One is changing this landscape to better serve customers and challenge the antiquated practices and uncompetitive pricing of traditional financial products. To the hard-working families for whom financial anxiety is an ever-persistent reality, it is not just modern conveniences but the true economic value that will make a difference in their lives. Access to more, and more affordable, credit. Better returns on hard-earned savings, with extra incentive to automate these behaviors, build healthier financial habits and strengthen overall financial health.  

I am excited to share that One has closed a $40M Series B funding round to accelerate our mission to reinvent everyday finance. With support from Progressive, Foundation Capital, Obvious Ventures, Core Innovation Capital, and others, we will build upon the feedback from our early customers to innovate on the financial products that mean the most to them. This recognition and funding will help us further fuel our growth, scale our internal teams to better support that growth and expand One’s product offerings to make a lasting financial impact on the middle class and beyond. 

Since our GA launch in September 2020, One has diligently enhanced its core product offering, launched award-winning overdraft protection, an Auto-Save feature that rewards automatic savings contributions at 3.00% APY*, cash flow-based Credit Lines that enables borrowing as low as 12% APR⁑, and a Credit Builder product to help build financial health for those that need it most. Most recently were named one of the Best Banking Products for 2021 by Nerdwallet, a massive accomplishment in only 10 short months since our public launch.

We wake up every day committed to building a company that truly has the best interests of our customers in mind. We promise to relentlessly innovate to deliver a product that actually does some good and is also delightful to use. We’ll do this because we set out to do it, and we believe the world needs it. We are on a mission and everyONE is invited. 

Brian Hamilton
Founder & CEO


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