Transform your One debit card to a credit card with Credit Line

Finance a purchase over time, cover bills between paychecks or transfer 
a balance.

Get money when you need it at an industry-low rate.

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Credit Line

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1% interest per

month 12% APR⁑

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Up to
$10,000 limit

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How Credit
Line Works

“One made credit simple and convenient.” - Jocelyn J.

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Pay little or
 no interest

Qualifying direct deposit customers can repay over time at 1% per month (12% APR⁑) or pay no interest if repaid before the next billing cycle.

It’s interest-free for a month and with no fees. What is there not to like! - Elsa T.

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Pay less interest than the average rate

Get up to a $10,000 limit at an industry-low 12% APR⁑ versus 19.49% APR traditional credit cards’ average rate.

“It's easy to use. Helpful when you're just a little short on funds.” - Jeffrey M.

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Transfer a balance with no fees

Credit Line is a separate Pocket to charge purchases or transfer a balance to like a traditional credit card at an industry-low 1% per month (12% APR⁑).

How Credit Line, One's personal line of credit, works

  • 1
    Add your direct deposit to qualify for
 Credit Line then add it to your One account.
  • 2
    Assign your One card to the Credit Line Pocket.
  • 3
    Spend like a credit card.
  • 4
    Repay over time at 1% per month (12% APR⁑) or pay no interest if repaid before the next billing cycle.
  • 5
    Watch your available credit grow with time and recurring direct deposits.
Q: How do I get access to a personal line of credit, also known as Credit Line?

A: Qualifying paycheck direct deposit customers are eligible to add Credit Line to their One account.

Q: Do I need a new One card to charge to Credit Line?

A: No! After adding Credit Line to your One account, you’ll use the same One card to use Credit Line. Assign your One card the Credit Line Pocket then spend as needed. You can reassign to another Pocket at any time.

Q: Can I transfer a balance from another credit card?

A: Yes! You can transfer a balance to Credit Line from another credit card. Create a virtual card in the Credit Line Pocket to pay down or pay off another card’s balance.

Q: How do I increase my personal line of credit limit with Credit Line?

A: We designed Credit Line to look at your income, as well as your credit score. You’re more to us than just a three-digit number. To access Credit Line, add a qualifying paycheck direct deposit to your One account. We automatically evaluate if your credit limit qualifies for an increase with each paycheck. Watch your credit limit grow with time and consistent direct deposits as we build a history together.

Q: How much does Credit Line cost?

A: It doesn’t cost anything to add Credit Line to your One account! When you borrow money through the Credit Line Pocket there is a monthly grace period before interest is owed on a carried balance. You’ll have up to the bill due date to repay the full or minimum balance. After that date has passed, you will owe interest at 1% per month (12% APR⁑) on the outstanding balance.

How does Credit Line compare to credit cards?

Credit Line
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Love the whole concept of Credit Line.

Adam P.

I love the options One gives you. Credit Line is an awesome feature.

Amy P.

Get paid early, plus you get a Credit Line, savings, and Pockets - better than Simple.

Jason R.

They give instant credit! It’s easy to pay back and not expensive!!

Heather W.

I think my favorite feature is Credit Line.

Michael W.

The One card has great features! You have the option to automatically save, the option to save, and an option to spend. And there’s even a Credit Line!

Cassandra Y.

I LOVE ONE! Upfront line of credit, 3.00% APY* on auto-savings, no interest for a month. What more can I say?

Audrey B.

The Credit Line is awesome and helps me avoid transferring from other Pockets back into my Spend Pocket. Really great product coming from a Simple user. Thanks!

Hunter J.

I chose One because it’s a simple app. There’s no waiting on approval or even getting credit.

Francis O.

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