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Guest Contributor:
Gina F., Financial Coach at The Financial Gym

I always struggled with traditional checking accounts, where all of my funds sat in one place with all my bills and spending coming from it. I never wanted to go through the hassle of opening multiple accounts either! I’m an ex-Simple user, and when I found One, I knew this was the perfect solution to making budgeting my paychecks easier.


What I Love About One

As a financial coach, I’m always sharing how One has helped me personally, and I’ve had multiple clients share their success with me when it comes to managing their money with them! I love the fact that you can separate your Pockets based on goals and monthly bills, with no minimums required. The Scheduled Transfers are great, too; however, I love taking the time on payday to move my money around. It’s actually something I look forward to. A huge difference between Simple and One is that each Pocket has a unique routing and account number, PLUS One’s debit card feature! It’s a game-changer when certain bills only accept a card number. I also love the fact that there are no overdraft fees. I feel secure knowing I have fee-free overdraft protection that will help me if I lose track of a bill or go over my weekly budget; there’s a small cushion in my One account. I love that it doesn’t cost me anything as long as I transfer money back into my Spend Pocket before the end of the month. I never accept the increase in credit because I don’t want to get tempted. The biggest bonus with One is their incredible 3.00% APY* offered in their Auto-Save Pocket and 1.00% APY* in their Save Pocket. I do my best to keep all my cash in One beside my emergency fund, so I don’t get tempted to move any money around!


My One Budget

Here’s how I budget my paydays.

My Pockets:

  • Car
  • Investment
  • Exercise Class
  • Dog
  • Travel


  • I get paid on the 1st and 15th of the month.
  • I contribute a portion of my paycheck to an external emergency fund.
  • I contribute 5% of my paycheck to the Auto-Save Pocket.
  • I separate my bills in half and contribute half the total on each payday, so my cash flow is equal every pay period

Manual Transfers


Every paycheck I move…

  • [$xxx.xx] from Spend Pocket to “🚗 Car Pocket” for my car and insurance payment.
  • [$xxx.xx] from Spend Pocket to “💰 Investment Pocket”
  • [$xxx.xx] from Spend Pocket to “🚲 Exercise Class Pocket”
  • [$xxx.xx] from Spend Pocket to “🐶 Dog Pocket” for Zoey’s food or emergencies.
  • Any leftover funds from Spend Pocket to “✈️ Travel Pocket”

All other small fixed expenses like my phone, subscriptions, etc., come out of my Spend Pocket on payday. I give myself a weekly spend goal, which I keep in my Spend Pocket until payday. I transfer any remaining money right before the next payday to my Save Pocket.



How I Use Auto-Save and Save Pockets

I use Auto-Save for “fun money” since there’s always a flow of cash going into it. If I’m out shopping or see something, I can’t pass up, which isn’t often (but it does happen) because I do my best to keep it within my budget. However, if I want to treat myself, the funds will usually come from my Auto-Save Pocket. My Save Pocket is there for any leftover cash I have at the end of the month. For now, I’m using it to furnish and update my apartment since I recently moved.


Know Where Your Money Is Going

One of the most important tips I share with my clients is planning out your payday to know where your money is going and create mindfulness around your spending. One allows you to create Scheduled Transfers to each Pocket and be intentional with your cash flow. I believe this is the future of money management instead of the traditional checking accounts we’re so used to having. Instead of struggling to figure out where your money is going, you can see every transfer and transaction in the One app. I hope to see some updates in the future, like integration with Zelle or other quick pay options, plus getting notifications if a bill payment didn’t go through. But those declined bills are something we should all be aware of before our account has to warn us.



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