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Guest Contributor:
Stefan A.

A year ago, my partner and I, Evyn, started sharing our finances in an effort to pay bills easier, save for long-term goals, and make fighting over who pays for dinner a thing of the past. When Simple closed, we felt sad to see a milestone in our life end. Luckily, we found One. It had everything we needed, and then some! Now we have fully transitioned our direct deposits, savings, and finances into our One accounts. I’m insanely impressed with the interest rate on the Auto-Save Pocket and love the virtual cards for paying bills. The security of it makes us feel better when we have to pay bills and keeps us from having to give out our main debit card info everywhere.


Our One Budget

My Pockets:

  • Spend
  • Save
  • Auto-Save
  • Debt (Saving up to pay off our debt)
  • Self-Care (Healthcare, doctors visits, deductibles, prescriptions, and therapy)


Evyn’s Pockets:


Our Shared Pockets:

  • 💡 Utilities (Phone, electric, renter’s insurance, and streaming services)
  • 🏡 Rent (Including water, trash, sewer, and internet)
  • 🚘 Alice (Car payment and insurance)
  • ❤️ Shared Expenses (Dining out, coffee dates, family purchases, etc.)



How We Make It Work

We make our One budget work by dividing our expenses in categories and paying for them either with the virtual card number or Pocket account number. When we get paid, our paycheck is instantly transferred, using Scheduled Transfers, to move our money into each Pocket. We’ve found that saving daily, weekly, and monthly helps us reach our near and long-term goals.

The security features of the virtual cards and separate account number for every Pocket helps us have a lot of peace of mind. We can automate our budgeting and maintain our privacy and security at the same time!

We would love to see dark mode, notes for each Pocket transaction, and the ability to adjust the transaction name in the future.



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