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Keep your money organized for free at One:

  • Create unlimited Pockets
  • Auto-Save at 3.00% APY*
  • Set up Scheduled Transfers
  • Create a virtual card for every Pocket
Your One account is FDIC-insured through our bank partner, Coastal Community Bank, Member FDIC.

Why choose One?

Your financial well-being is our mission. Enjoy:

  • Award-winning no fee overdraft program
  • Earning 3.00% APY* on card Auto-Save round ups
  • Earning 1.00% APY* on Save Pocket balances
  • No fees, no minimums
  • 55,000 fee-free Allpoint ATMs
  • World-class customer service

One Pockets are a lot like Simple's tools

  • Create free and unlimited Pockets around your life
  • Organize your money to save, spend, and share
  • Share Pockets with your people with zero paperwork

Automatically reach your goals faster

  • Earn 3.00% APY* with card Auto-Save! We’ll round up One card purchases to the next dollar then deposit the difference into your Auto-Save Pocket
  • Auto-Save up to 10% of your direct deposit paycheck to earn 3.00% APY*
  • Earn 1.00% APY* on your Save Pocket balances, too

Easily manage money with your people

Share Pockets with anyone in your life. Quickly create a Pocket to manage bills together or start a savings goal. They’re free and unlimited to create!

Working hard to enhance your One experience

There’s been a lot of great feedback rolling in! We’re actively listening and continue to reprioritize to make sure we’re focused on the features you want to have.

Requested by ex-Simple users → Recently Launched

  • Scheduled Transfers
  • Virtual Cards for Pockets
  • And more coming soon!

"Love the ease of use of the app. Left Simple for you guys and glad I made the switch."

Jordan R.


"One came along at the perfect time to replace Simple!"

LaRonn B.


"Get paid early, plus you get a Credit Line, savings, and Pockets - better than Simple."

Jason R.


"It's the closest fit to my needs given the Simple closure, and you guys are responsive to feedback with an aggressive development plan - that effort and customer service level matters."

Paul T.


"One is awesome with many features you won’t found anywhere else. I love how easy it is to budget and I made the right decision coming from Simple to One!"

Marc M.


"Best alternative to Simple, which was my main bank since 2014!"

Eddie C.


"This is the best place I could’ve landed since leaving Simple."

James C.


"I switched from Simple and have been thoroughly impressed with One. The interest rate in the Auto-Save Pocket is the best you can find anywhere."

James H.


"The banking features from One are fantastic. New Simple!"

Matthew M.


"The current infrastructure and design is the alternative to Simple I was looking for. I have already recommended One to others."

Bradford I.


"I was a former SIMPLE user and was looking for something with built in budgeting and no fees. Your amazing interest rate and Auto-Save sealed the deal."

Charles W.


"I was happy with Simple as a bank for 10 years and I see a lot of the same in One. The eagerness of the company to please its customers is particularly promising."

Will M.


"Moving over from Simple has been super...well, simple.

The ability to separate my money out into Pockets is the bread and butter of my budgeting approach. One has accommodated as close to the same functionality as I had with Simple. (Which is great!) Plus, it seems that One is invested in taking feedback from the Simple migrates and working with us to help improve One."

Matheus G.


"I was initially banking with Simple. I love everything about One so much!

The Pockets with individual account numbers is a godsend me for when it comes to budgeting. Helps me ensure I have to money for certain bills each month and not overspend."


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