Spring | Summer Roadmap

There’s been a lot of great feedback continuing to roll in! We’re actively listening, combing through every post and working hard to enhance your One experience. Our team continues to reprioritize to make sure we’re focusing on areas and features you all want the most. Here’s a quick list of what to expect from us this spring through mid summer.

If you’d like to share a request or feedback, please submit here. Check back often as we will continue to update the list below and share our best estimates for launch. We appreciate you all coming on this journey with us and thank you for choosing One!


What’s Coming And When



Status: Phase 1 complete | Working on Phase 2
Availability: Mid to Late April

We recognize that multi-factor authentication is an important security feature and we are actively working to get this up and running to enhance security of your One account. Our initial roll-out enhanced login security. The second will be step-up authentication for specific events.



Free Credit Score

Status: Currently working on
Availability: Late April to Early May

Keeping tabs on your credit score is vital for your financial health. It helps determine if you’ll qualify for a loan and what rate you’ll pay. One customers will soon have on-going access to a free credit score along with personalized credit insights in the One app! Download it now in the App Store or Play Store.



Pocket Protector AKA Configurable Overdraft

Status: Currently working on
Availability: Late April to Early May

Currently, the only Pocket that has overdraft protection is the Spend Pocket. It comes with access to an optional Credit Line in case your account dips below zip. We’re currently working on allowing any created Pocket to be auto-filled by available funds in the Spend Pocket. This automatic transaction will happen when the necessary funds aren’t available to fulfill the pending transaction. This update will take a lot of guesswork out of bill payments, especially recurring payments that have different amounts each month.



Enhanced Paycheck Direct Deposit Set Up

Status: Currently working on
Availability: Late April to Early May

We’re making it easier to attach your paycheck direct deposit to your One account. You’ll soon be able to connect your paycheck with a seamless, secure and verified process. Set it up once then sit back and enjoy all the extra account benefits you’ll unlock with a qualifying paycheck direct deposit.



Mail A Check

Status: In queue
Availability: Mid to Late May

We will soon support the ability to “cut a check” within the One app. Users will be able to fill in the details then we’ll handle the printing and mailing of the physical check, free of charge! This feature will be in lieu of sending traditional paper checkbooks.




One Dashboard Refresh

Status: In queue
Availability: Early to Mid June

The One dashboard is getting a design lift. We’ll be sharing a few sneak peeks of what’s to come, soon. Stay tuned for more details!



Recurring Pay Anyone

Status: In queue
Availability: Late June to Early July

There might be some people in your life that you send money to often, but don’t want to set up a Shared Pocket with. Maybe it’s a caregiver, pet sitter, or handy-person. Enter Recurring Pay Anyone feature. You’ll soon be able to keep a directory of people you send money to frequently. This will eliminate having to remember (or ask again) then re-enter their routing number every time you’d like to send some money their way.




Money Movement

Status: In queue
Availability: Late June to Early July

Have you been using Scheduled Transfers and loving it? We’re enhancing this feature with Money Movement! You’ll soon be able to schedule a transfer using your paycheck direct deposit as the trigger instead of a fixed date. This will allow your paycheck to automatically transfer to certain Pockets.



Recently Launched

Scheduled Transfers

Status: Shipped 2.10.21
Availability: Currently Available

You’ll recognize this feature as “funding schedule.” We’ve cut out manually allocating funds whenever new money lands in your One account. Scheduled Transfers allows One customers to set schedules for how much money automatically transfers between two Pockets or between a Pocket and a linked bank account.⁠ They can be set up: weekly⁠, every other week⁠, or monthly.⁠ Transfers on the 29th, 30th, or 31st will fall on the last day of the month in shorter months.⁠

→ Transfer $20 from [Spend Pocket] to [Repair Pocket] on the 15th of every month.⁠
→ Transfer $100 from [Linked Bank Account] to [Grocery Pocket] on the 3rd of every month.⁠

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Virtual Cards For Every Pocket

Status: Shipped 3.23.21
Availability: Currently Available

This feature helps One customers who have a very tight management around their recurring expenses. Easily create a dedicated Pocket with a unique virtual card number to pay a recurring bill.

A dedicated card to pay for your “Streaming TV” Pocket bill only.

P.S. We’re already working on improvements to this feature like having the ability to delete per-Pocket cards and notifications for transactions. Stay tuned!

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Remote Check Deposit

Status: Shipped 3.30.21
Availability: Rolling out!

Grandparents send checks, work pays with a check…love them or hate them checks are still a part of daily banking. We’re rolling out access for customers to start depositing paper checks to their One account using a mobile phone. 

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Pocket Descriptions

Status: Shipped 5.01.21
Availability: Rolling out!

Get even more organized and detailed with our latest update: Pocket descriptions! Just like it says, you can now add extra info to your Pockets. Keep Pocket specific information in one easy to find place. P.S. Make sure you’re using the latest version of the One app!

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Dedicated Credit Line Pocket

Status: Shipped 5.10.21
Availability: Rolling out!

Qualifying paycheck direct deposit customers can now get their own dedicated Credit Line Pocket in the One dashboard. Easily access a credit line when you need it so you can keep cash in your Pockets. Finance your purchase at only 1% a month (12% APR) to help spread out the cost of a purchase instead of paying for it all at once.

Dedicated Credit Line Pocket is subject to availability.

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Credit Builder | Beta

Status: Shipped 5.15.21
Availability: Rolling out!

One’s Credit Builder helps you live life while automatically building credit history. We’ve designed an easy way to help build or rebuild your credit history that’s fully integrated into your One account. Users will have a deeper understanding of their credit history and ways to improve through personalized charts, recommendations, and automatic on-time payments.

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Learn more about Credit Builder here.

Credit Builder is subject to availability.

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