Waitlist Terms

The Waitlist referral cash prize contest has ended.*

Waitlist Terms

Effective as of May 11, 2020, One has updated its Waitlist Terms. For the prior version of our Waitlist Terms, click here.

What does joining the Waitlist mean?

Joining the Waitlist gives you a chance to get early access to a One account and the One Card. Joining the Waitlist does not mean you have opened or are obligated to apply to open an account, or that we are obligated to approve your application for an account. To open a One account, you will need to apply and be approved to open an account.

By joining the Waitlist, you confirm that you agree to these Waitlist Terms, and the One Terms, which are incorporated by reference, and that you have read and understood our Privacy Disclosures. If you don’t agree to the provisions in each of these documents, you may not join the Waitlist.

Authorization to Contact You by Phone

By providing us with a telephone number, you expressly authorize One and its affiliates, agents, and independent contractors to deliver or cause to be delivered telephone calls or text messages using an automatic telephone dialing system or artificial or prerecorded voice, including calls or texts made for advertising purposes or that constitute telemarketing, to the telephone number you provide us. Message, data, and call rates may apply. To opt out at any time, reply STOP. You can participate in the Waitlist even if you opt out.

What is One?

One is a new digital banking service that unifies your finances in one account, making it seamless to save, spend, borrow and share. One is built to serve everyday working people and their loved ones. All funds held in a One account are FDIC-insured through Coastal Community Bank, Member FDIC.

What are the key features of One?

We have focused on integrating key banking services in one account with a goal of maximizing the value of your paycheck. We have redesigned and unified the fundamentals of banking: saving, spending and borrowing, and sharing money and expenses with others.

  • Save: One offers competitive interest rates on savings to help you grow your money.
  • Spend: Debit and credit is wrapped into one account, with a single “One Card” that accesses both debit and credit. One doesn’t charge monthly fees, overdraft fees, or NSF fees.
  • Borrow: One is the first digital banking service to offer an integrated line of meaningful credit at lower rates, providing you with a credit cushion to borrow from in moments of need.
  • Share: You can create “pockets” within a single One account to instantly share money and expenses with friends, parents, roommates, caregivers and more, eliminating complicated and costly transfers between banks or accounts.

What is a One Card?

The One Card enables you to access both debit and credit in your One account. The One Card is issued by Coastal Community Bank, Member FDIC, under license by Mastercard® International Incorporated.

How will I get notified when I am off the Waitlist?

One will send you Waitlist position updates via text or email to the telephone or email address you provide.

Can my Waitlist position change?

Yes. Your position on the Waitlist is subject to change. You can move up on the Waitlist if your friends sign up for the Waitlist using your unique referral link. Conversely, you may move down on the Waitlist if others’ referral links are successfully onboarding more people to the Waitlist than yours. Remember, you benefit only when those friends who sign up aren’t already on the Waitlist.

If you send your friends the referral link via text message, you are confirming you have their consent to send them text messages.

Are there any special rewards?

Early access to a One account and early access to a One Card.* Whether or not you receive early access to One is dependent on multiple factors including your position on the Waitlist and your response time to the account application email. We may refuse to open an account if we suspect abusive behavior.

Can I remove myself from the Waitlist?

You may remove yourself from the Waitlist at any time by emailing help@onefinance.com. You can rejoin the Waitlist at a later time. The promotions you are eligible to receive may be different at that time, and the promotions available when you first joined the Waitlist may no longer be available when you rejoin.

Can anyone sign up for the Waitlist?

The Waitlist is open to any US resident who is at least 18 years old. You will need to provide your telephone number and email address to join, and you may hold only one position on the Waitlist at any given time. We may end a participant’s eligibility if we suspect abusive behavior.

Changes to the Waitlist Terms

One reserves the right to change the Waitlist Terms, or end the Waitlist, at any time, in its sole discretion, and without notice. If you do not accept any changes made to the Waitlist Terms, please email us at help@onefinance.com to remove yourself from the Waitlist, or do not join the Waitlist.

*The Waitlist referral contest with cash prizes ended on May 11, 2020 at 5pm Pacific Time. If you want to access the Waitlist Terms governing that contest, please click here. Email us at help@onefinance.com if you have questions or need assistance.